I’m so tired.
I feel like my feelings are just dragging me around.
There are too many, but now I’m just tired of them.
They are so redundant.
I am so predictable.
I am sick of the same cycle with myself.
Here I am again, in some sort of inner battle, with one side always kind of only half fighting.
That side being the one that says I should try to get out of this circle.
It is saying that I should be careful with other people’s feelings.
Haven’t I learned that yet?
But I don’t know.
Maybe this is just how it should be.
Maybe doing what you want, when you want, regardless of anything, really is okay.
It sure feels okay when I am asleep in the curve of your arm and side.
That is something really true.
Isn’t it okay to just want that?


Quando as palavras dos outros espelham o que se encerra na minha pele, dou comigo a pensar que há qualquer coisa de inexplicável nesta espécie de consciência partilhada.


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